Welcome to the site of 307 RockerRecords Corporation

The label was created to release music by SCOTTROCKER.  Rocker’s debut single “Set To Explode”, mixed by Mike Fraser (Metallica, AC/DC), is now available for purchase from Scottrocker - Set To Explode

A complete preview of the “Set To Explode” single is available in the Artists section.

307 RockerRecords prides itself on its videos. Please ‘tune in’ frequently and see what’s new.

Click on the Videos link to find:

1. SCOTTROCKER – Nickelback Roots – see the origins that started in Hanna, AB.

2. Dave Musselman and Scotty Sexx – Jam Battle – watch these amazing 307 Rockers fight it out. (ex members of Bif Naked, Todd Kerns, Static in Stereo, Jet Black Stare)

3. SCOTTROCKER sings Micheal Jackson’s “Beat It”. – After a vocal rehearsal to Shelley Kirsten’s ‘Total Workout’. SCOTTROCKER tries hitting the high notes.

4. 307 Updates – everyday at 3:07 pm. We do a video blog. Check out what we’re up to today.

307 ROCKER RECORDS also welcomes Vandala Concepts. SCOTTROCKER has been added to their roster of talent and we thank them for the support that they provide for our artist.